2023 Calendars... Could It Be Time?

  • May 19, 2022

Over here at East Beach Specialties, we live by our calendars. While we love a good digital format for events and scheduling, we all carve out some physical space for our paper calendars. And we use them. Frequently.

Turns out we aren't alone: 86% of people who use a digital calendar also use a printed calendar.

Need a few more facts to convince you of a calendar's advertising efficacy? Look no further. 

850 impressions generated, 62% of consumers own a promotional calendar, 37% of women use their promo calendars daily, 31% of Gen X and Millennials use their calendars daily

They say the early bird catches the worm. In the case of promotional calendars, they also secure the best price. Now is the best time to place your order for 2023 calendars, before our early-order pricing expires on July 1, 2023.

So here they are... Top 5 Reasons to Order 2023 Calendars Today

  1. Save Money – Lock in early-order pricing.
  2. Best Selection – The styles and themes you want are guaranteed to be in stock.
  3. FREE Storage – We’ll store orders until fall.
  4. Peace of Mind – Calendars will be ready for distribution when you are.
  5. Be First – Get your calendars on your customer’s wall first.

Additionally, the paper market is currently very volatile, and suppliers are experiencing monthly allocations, shortages or delays, and frequently changing costs. More good reasons to order your calendars now to avoid issues this fall.