Bad Inventory, Production Delays Are Slowing Down Promos

  • Jul 15, 2021

We don't like to be the bearers of bad news, so we'd like to share some info that can help you avoid just that as you're planning for this quarter's events. 

First, the good stuff...

Happily the promo industry has seen an incredible rebound in 2021, which is a fantastic indication that our clients’ businesses are fairing much better than they were in 2020. This is great news all-around... Yay! 

Unfortunately, our industry is not immune to the supply chain and labor issues you’re likely getting used to encountering elsewhere at this point.

Over here at East Beach Specialties, Leah, Donna, and Joy are still working hard to fulfill orders and meet in-hands deadlines, but we wanted to make you aware of some key issues that could affect your orders in the upcoming weeks and months:

  • Delayed Production/Suspension of Rush Services: Many of our partner suppliers have suspended rush services on any orders. Many have also extended normal production times due to increased demand combined with new and limited staff, etc. This means we can’t always meet our typical 2-week turnaround, and it makes it especially hard to make last-minute miracles happen. 

What You Can Do: Order EARLY. If you have an event, campaign, or restock in one, two, or even three months, you should be planning your promotions for it now. Please contact one of us to begin discussing your needs as soon as possible.

  • Inventory Shortages: We work with a broad range of suppliers to deliver the perfect items for our clients. Unfortunately, inventory levels on some brands are less than sufficient due to global supply chain challenges. This is particularly true in apparel. (Just today we had to order 200 shirts from FOUR different vendors at SEVEN different warehouses to fulfill ONE order. This kind of scattershot inventory is unprecedented in our 20+ years of experience.) 

What We Can Do: For promotional products, we may have to find a similar item from a different supplier to substitute for something you've ordered in the past. For apparel, we may have to suggest a different color/style and/or a combination thereof to fulfill your order in a timely fashion.  

  • Increased Pricing: Many products in our industry are offered at the same price for years on end. Increased costs associated with raw materials, transportation, and labor in today’s market are driving many of our suppliers to increase our cost, which may affect pricing on some of your orders. 

What We Are Doing: East Beach Specialties will pass along increased customer pricing ONLY when it is determined by a partner supplier for all buyers. When possible, we will continue to extend to our customers the pricing breaks and shipping savings we earn with industry partnerships and our bulk ordering power.

These are challenging times with multiple macro-economic issues impacting our industry simultaneously.

Each of us at East Beach Specialties is fully committed to helping you achieve your marketing goals every day, and we wanted to let you know how we can work together to best do that, considering these challenges. We will continue to work as hard as we can to earn your confidence, and we thank you for trusting us to help you with your business.