Find Your Facebook Page's News Feed

  • Aug 13, 2020

Where, Facbook, where?We use our social media accounts to interact and keep up with customers and what's going on in our community. Until very recently, Facebook gave us a handy feature called "Pages Feed," accessible from our business Page, which we used to keep up with other Pages. 

Any time we come across a Facebook Page of interest to our business, we choose the option to "Like As Your Page." Previously, we were using the "Pages Feed" to follow posts and updates from those Pages. It made social media interaction with customers and prospects alike very simple for our business. Moreover, it kept our brand Page at the forefront of those interactions. 

But for reasons known only to the Facebook gurus, as of July 2020 that feature is no longer readily available. For us, this meant either:

  1. Ignoring those Pages feeds (making our social media very much less social),
  2. Checking feeds individually from our Business Page (and consuming far too much time to be sustainable), or 
  3. Liking/Following those pages from our personal profiles (and risking going down the Facebook rabbit hole during work hours). 
Fortunately we found a work-around! Go to the Facebook page you manage, then add "news_feed" to the end of the URL in your address bar. 
Your News Feed link should follow this format:****THEPAGEYOUMANAGE****/news_feed

Posts from the pages you follow will show up in a feed format, making it easy to keep up and interact with those Pages as your Page
For those of you who didn't know you could "Like" another page from your page, here's how: 
1. Visit the page you want to Like. 
2. Click the three dots next to "Share" under the Cover. 
3. Select "Like As Your Page" and confirm. 

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