How To Elevate the Fundraising Bar for Your Next Golf Tournament

  • Jun 23, 2021

Revenue Generation PlannerGolf's annual charitable impact is $3.9 Billion, mostly from regular golfers playing in 143,000 events. The average event has 80 players and raises $5,000. We'd like to teach you how to raise at least $40,000. (Or aim higher... many larger events are generating $300,000 or more.) 

Selling sponsorships for the event name, carts, driving range, holes, awards, and the meals can quickly increase your profits with little overhead. Your fundraising and sponsorship efforts must be a top objective. They need to be well-planned and well-staffed. Starting early in the year and with a well-oiled approach is a key for success. 

Sponsorships generally receive recognition through signage, event premiums, the event website, and participant networking. If you're able to offer media coverage as a part of the sponsor package, this greatly increases your opportunity for success. 

In-kind donations can greatly offset your expenses, allowing you to enjoy more profits. Some donations might include food, beverage, event premiums, and prizes. Consider soliciting for donated products or services for auctions and raffles. Keep in mind that the items donated for the goodie bag may actually take away revenue opportunities for the event if you follow the philosophy of $2 of sponsor funds for every $1 of product purchased. 

Best Promotional Products for Fundraising

Golf Tournament Kits

Kits are the easiest way to have a multitude of the latest and greatest products golfers are looking for. We recommend you sell different sponsorships for each of the products in the kit - using 100% markup on the product. Items like golf balls, club and ball cleaners and towels, can contain multiple logos for added revenue. If the event is a fundraiser for a baseball or hockey team, include a baseball or puck. You can even include a fishing lure in the kit if you want to give the golfers items they will use. (There are five times as many fishermen as golfers.) 

Scramble Pic

With ten $500 sponsors, you'll have $5,000. The Scramble Pic costs $19, so if you have 100 golfers, the cost will be roughly $2,000, thus a $3,000 profit for your cause. 


Hole Sponsors

Hole sponsor signs and/or custom golf flags are ideal ways to get added revenue at a very small cost. Events charge anywhere from $100 to $2,500 to be a hole sponsor. Full color custom flags can be used year after year or can be signed and given to the sponsor as a thank you. 

Golf Kits

Provide the best of both worlds for golfers and sponsors alike with our golf kits! For the golfer, golf kits offer a collection of desirable golf products. The sponsor ensures their logo or message is seen over and over, providing the most exposure for their sponsorship. Room for 5-8 sponsors is common with our golf tournament kits, and with the additional sponsorship opportunity you can earn more profit for your fundraising cause. A win for the golfer, the sponsor, and your cause! 

Full-Color Golf Towels

Stunning full-color dye sublimated towels are soft to the touch and offer vibrant imprints for your logos and messages. This is a great opportunity to be creative with fundraising and sponsorships. The towels sell for $5-6. If you can get 20 differing sponsors and charge just a dollar each (per towel), the charity earns a cool profit of $14+ per towel. 


Poker Chip Ball Markers

Drink tokens with two $500 sponsors = $1,000. The chips cost $1.49 so with 100 golfers, that's $149. That will leave you $850 for drinks. When the beverage cart comes by, they will put a mark on the chip to show you received your beverage, leaving the advertising with the golfer. Alternately, you can include a peel-off tab and use for prizes, giveaways, or drawings. 

Golf Balls

Some manufacturers (like Titleist) offer a discount on golf balls used for events as long as they have either the name or date of the event printed on them. (Titleist will even print the name or date on the second side without an imprint charge.) Since most of the golfers in these events do not golf much each year, they are more interested in new and unique products, not the most expensive golf balls. Remember: golf balls have two imprint locations. 

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*Information provided by our supplier partner, BallPro.