How to Select the Best Mask for Your Brand

  • Jul 31, 2020

Looking for a reusable mask solution for your brand?

We've got you covered. 

Consider these questions, and you'll be on the road to selecting the perfect mask for your needs, no matter how niche. 

How many masks do I need?

The first thing to consider is who will be wearing the mask. If you're providing masks for employees or students, we recommend 3-5 reusable masks per person to ensure there is time to launder each mask between uses. 

We've supplied branded masks for quantities as small as 12 and as large as 2,500... There's no doubt we can find a mask with a minimum quantity that meets your need! 

What style mask is optimal? 

First, consider how the mask will be worn. Will folks be wearing the mask intermittently or for several consecutive hours at a time?

If the mask will be pulled up and down throughout the day, consider a style that is secured behind the head, rather than on the ears. There are options available with ties or with stretchy straps. Bandannas and neck gaiters (or buffs) can also fill this need, but most are single-layer, which provides less protection. For additional protection, you may consider a neck gaiter with a filter pocket. 

If the masks are for employees, teachers, or students, they may have to remain in place on the face for most of the day. Comfort and breathability begin to become very important when you're looking at it from that vantage point. Some features we consider for comfortable all-day wear include adjustable straps for a custom fit, nose bridges to prevent slips, and filter pockets to increase Particle Filtration Efficiency

How will my logo or design fit in? 

How many colors are in your logo or design? (Sometimes this is less straightforward than you would think! We consult our art director for all color counting questions beyond those seen with the naked eye.)

If you have a logo option with one or two colors, you may consider a blank mask that can be screen printed. Just be sure to ask about the ink used... you don't want to be breathing toxic fumes! We also recommend placing screen printed logos off-center (on either side of the mouth area) and using designs with minimal ink coverage to ensure good airflow is possible.

If your logo or design has many colors, full-color dye sublimation is most likely your best choice. There are many benefits to dye sublimation. You can produce images with photographic quality. The process and resulting products are safe for use on the face. The dye is in the fabric, so it will last longer with regular washings than screen printing.

If you aren't going with dye sublimation,  you should also consider the color of the mask. Most masks available for decoration come standard in white and black, but some styles are offered in more diverse color palettes.  

What unique features should I consider?

Comfort, fit, cooling material for muggy Mississippi weather, children's sizing... different brands will prioritize a wide range of factors when considering masks. 

If you're looking for masks as a retail endeavor, for instance, you may opt for a product that includes packaging options such as peggable poly-bags (for retail displays) or a fold-card with a sticker. Companies or schools doing mass distributions may choose a style that includes individual polybagging to reduce the chance of contamination.

Some great features we're seeing include: 

What other factors do I consider? 

  • What is your overall budget? 
  • What is your per-piece budget? 
  • When do you need these? (Production times can vary greatly... This is especially important if you need a quick turn-around.) 

How do I put it all together? 

We hope we've given you some great insight into how to choose the best mask for your brand. 

To further assist, we're continuously updating our sample mask inventory so we can share our first-hand insight into the features and quality of each mask we're offering. You can take a look at the complete list here, or check out one of these categories for a curated selection: 

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Thank you for taking time to learn how you can choose the best mask for your brand! 

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