The Science of Staying Dry

  • Oct 13, 2021

Text over rainy landscape reads: Outsmart rain + Humidity

Did you know Mississippi is the third wettest state in the U.S. with an average of almost 60 inches of precipitation a year? (Only Hawaii and Louisiana average more rainfall annually than we do.) 

Coast folks shouldn’t be surprised that we top the charts for rainfall in the state, with closer to 70” falling in the southern counties each year. 

As the year winds down, rainfall generally starts to increase as cooler temps move in. But that doesn’t stop the humidity, which is why we’re here talking about a topic you may have never considered: Fabric ratings for breathability and waterproofing. 

Now you all know must that wearing a rain jacket in South Mississippi might keep the rain out, but it also traps that humidity in, creating a sweat-damp mess on the inside of your jacket. So in an effort to avoid that, you opt for a more breathable piece of outerwear… and that’s the day you get caught in a torrential (albeit brief, most likely) downpour. And either way, the result is the same: you’re soaked. 

But we have the perfect solution for you, based on magic. (No, not really… more like science!)

Our expert friends in the apparel industry tell us that a rain jacket with a 5,000MM Fabric Waterproof Rating AND a 5000G/M2 Fabric Breathability Rating creates the perfect balance for our particular climate. 

No more debating if you forego breathability (and sweat yourself wet) or forego actual waterproofing (and welcome the elements in) when you next don your rain jacket. We’ve got a stylish soft shell jacket option to fit every budget, and just in time for the holiday season. 

Good:  Sport-Tek® Hooded Soft Shell Jacket

Sport-Tek® Hooded Soft Shell Jacket

With sporty raglan sleeves, wind-resistance and water-resistance, this soft shell is made to move with you—regardless of the weather. 

Details We Love: Longer silhouette, removable hood, thumbholes for warmth, drop tail hem

Better: Port Authority® Collective Tech Soft Shell Jacket

Port Authority® Collective Tech Soft Shell Jacket

Elevate your soft shell style with technical details and a streamlined look completed with waterproof fabric and a durable water-repellent finish that resists wind and rain.

Details We Love: Tactile brushed grid-texture, microfleece lining, gunmetal reflective taping details, matte waterproof zippers, adjustable hem


Best:  OGIO® Commuter Full-Zip Soft Shell

OGIO® Commuter Full-Zip Soft Shell

Designed for the daily commute, these sleek, water-resistant soft shells have spandex for easy movement and black reflective details for enhanced visibility.

Details We Love: Black reflective taping, zippered side pockets, hidden mesh pocket for valuables or phone


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