Why Your Brand Should Be Buying Slim Can Huggers

  • Mar 10, 2021


Use a Koozie to keep your drink cool for 50% longer

What if we told you we know a cost-effective way to keep your brand at everyone’s fingertips regularly for the better part of the year?

In spring and summer (aka, MOST of the year), Gulf Coast locals roll out for the day with our koozies in tow. After all we can’t be letting the oppressive heat seep into our cold drinks faster than absolutely necessary, now can we?

Fortunately for us a hugger (no matter what you call it*) is a tried-and-trusted giveaway for brands, a fun event souvenir, a useful impulse purchase when you’re out and about… Which means, of course, everyone has quite the collection.

Basically, we’re saying you really can’t go wrong with a can cooler.  

Or can you?

We’re happy to recommend a can coolie to clients for promotions that aligns with their brand goals. But sometimes we see folks opt for the familiar option without considering what else is out there and what benefits they’re missing.

If everyone has a koozie collection, and they already have their favorites (and you know they do), how will you ensure that yours is the one they reach for? (Preferably again and again?)

Several things factor into this, of course…


Whether it’s cute, clever, funny, or just beautifully designed, a koozie with an appealing motif or message will likely get more usage (and more eyes on your brand) than a run-of-the-mill logo imprint.

Materials12 oz Urban Peak® 2-in-1 Slim Vacuum Can Tumbler

Standard and economy can coolers are made from foam. Neoprene (wetsuit material) is a more functional option, lasting longer and keeping drinks cool longer without having condensation seep through to your fingertips.

If you’re committed to koozie culture and want a long-term investment piece, you may opt for one of the great double-wall products out there. Many offer 2-in-1 functionality, such as the Urban Peak Slim Can Vacuum Tumbler, making them incredibly versatile.  

Either upgraded material will certainly encourage fond associations of your company each time it’s used.

Size and Purpose

You may not realize there are huggers sized for just about every kind of beverage container. (Think: energy drinks, coffees, water bottles measuring into the liters, kombucha bottles, those teensy little half-sized soda cans…). A good guide is pretty much this: if there’s a can or bottle for your beverage, we can find you a coolie to swath it in.

Right now, the biggest missed opportunity we see is ignoring the burgeoning market for slim can koozies. Seems like every time we turn around there’s a new adult seltzer on the market, and the numbers show our clamoring for them hasn’t slowed.  

Bursting forth from a virtually non-existent market, Truly Hard Seltzer took in more than $100 million in sales in 2019. With other brands following hot on its heels, hard-seltzer sales soared last year, taking in more than $1 billion – or a 368% change in dollar sales compared to 2019.**

So it’s not at all surprising that the slim can hugger is incredibly popular in retail right now; retailers stay on trend to maximize profits.

But we aren’t seeing non-retail brands take advantage of the opportunity quite as readily.  

And we’re here to tell you: that is a mistake.

Consider this…

  • Most people have a collection of regular can koozies. How many slim options are in yours?
  • Our insider knowledge indicates your competitors probably aren’t handing out slim can coolies. Yet.


Your branded slim can koozie is bound to become the go-to this summer. Since this style is offered at comparable price points to its regular can counterparts, we see no reason to hesitate.

Our favorites? 

The Slim Full Color Neoprene Can Holder is a great way to draw attention with a stellar design and make your customers happy with an upgraded neoprene material. 

Our Premium Collapsible Foam 12 Oz. Michelob Ultra Can Insulators are Made in the USA and offer a one-color imprint in three locations for a great value.

 Slim Full Color Neoprene Can Holder

 Mama Tried Can Insulator

* Is it called a Koozie, a hugger, a can coolie, a can cooler, a stubby holder??? We can argue about the best term for these ubiquitous beverage accessories later.
** Data sourced for 12 months ending July 25, 2020.